Project 71

project 71 back at night

Although this is an expansive project, the lighting in the back is very simple. All the lower arched facades are washed with wide floods while the upper columns are uplit with a single light source on each column. The second level balusters have a linear lighting technique that takes full advantage of their profile. The lower fountain is downlit from the top of the rear stairs. The large gable is crosslit with 2 sources, one at each base of the triangle. Detailing between the center facade arches are illuminated via recessed down lights in the soffit.

project 71 side at night

The lighting on this side facade was accomplished with 4 fixtures. Two fixtures wash the brick facades and two sources crosslight the upper gable. The stairway bordering the structure made mounting any light sources close to the structure impractical therefore using wide floods with a set back was the only option.

project 71 front at night

The front of Project 71 is a little more complex than the rest of the project. The most prominent architectural feature of the front is the columns rising out of the fountain supporting the drive through portico. The columns are large enough and are visible from many angles so two light sources crosslight each column. There are separate underwater lights accenting each fountain spray. The first story facades butt up to the paver surface so the light sources are recessed into the paving and have a metal grate to protect them. There is a lintel between the first and second stories which creates a significant shadow above it so the second story is treated as a separate target. Each section is crosslit with 2 wide floods.

The portico balusters exhibit a linear wash as do the upper winged walls on each side of the upper central gable structure. The gable structure dies not receive enough light from the treatment of the facade beneath it and was later supplemented. Again this demonstrates how not lighting a prominent part of the scene impacts the overall view. The horseshoe dormers (far right) are grazed by a step light on each side.