Project 37

parade 1999 backyard

There are several elements in this view that you may have to look closely to see. Bradford pears on the right side surround a planter with a custom Scroll Lamp. Brick columns uplit with ground mounted well lights form the perimeter of this courtyard. The background supplied by Weeping Willows are uplit with some wide floods on the left side.

covered porch2

This covered porch displays several lighting techniques that are somewhat uncommon. At the base of the structure the low planter is home to a custom fixture using the linear lighting technique to light the adjacent path. This project was installed in 1999 at a time when no one had even heard of linear lighting in anything other than Christmas lights. As you look up to the ceiling of the porch, you can see the linear technique used again around the gutter. On each corner of the porch structure, a custom fixture utilizes both up and down lighting to highlight the profile of the supporting timbers.

covered porch

The up & down lights on the corners of this covered porch were created specifically for this project by Vista Lighting.

scroll lamp2

This daytime picture shows the simple detail of this custom Scroll Lamp located at the driveway entries on project 37. The light pattern on this fixture is around 25' in diameter provided by 80 watts of incandescent lamps and 8 watts LED.

scroll lamp

This bollard style custom lamp matches the design of other luminaries on the project. It is the focal center of an inner courtyard on project 37 and is an element in the center planter. A tall fixture would not fit the scale of this location and would look out of place. Additionally, the light pattern is not required to light a large area therefore this low fixture is perfect for it's location and function.

back gate

The brick lattice pattern is very unique and needs a linear form of lighting to accent the true character of the design. The columns are treated as a separate target because they are of a different construction and a different plane.


The front courtyard of this 1999 Southern Living Idea House is downlit with a grazing technique which softly illuminates the front entry . The plant pedestals are uplit with a small fixture, making the columns an integral part of the night scene.