Project 198

project 198 right at night

Project 198 presents 8 target areas:

  1. Left Gabled facade
  2. Main entry facade
  3. Small upper gable
  4. Large upper gable
  5. Main facade
  6. Porch columns
  7. Upper small window facade
  8. Right gabled facade
project 198 left at night

Project 198 presents some common challenges we find on a lot of contemporary homes. Returns on the left and right facades would create deep shadowing above the return if the light source was placed directly under them and aimed straight up. To reduce this effect the light sources were placed directly underneath the returns but aimed toward the opposite return. This effect is called crosslighting and if you look at the shadowing on the left facade, you can see how the light hitting the lentil over the windows creates a trapezoidal shadow instead of a rectangular one. This effect is not a desired one but foundation plantings prevented setting the fixtures back any further.

The upper soffit and guttering also stop the grazing technique used on the main entry and center facade so the gables were treated as separate targets. The gables were uplit by 3 low profile fixtures mounted in the gutter.

project 198 far right at night

From the right side of Project 198, most of the lighting effects are straight forward. The columns are uplit with a light source located at each column base and the right facade is lit by crosslighting just as the left facade. If you look at the small window on the upper facade you might wonder how it is lit since it sits on the roof  and can't be lit from the ground. If you look to the gutter where the left side of the gable meets it, you will see the light source. This source lights only the small window corner facade. Notice the illumination level is seamless with the main facade on the left. Experience makes it possible!