Project 194

Franklin night

This view gives you a good feel for how the lighting design works together to create a flow for the nighttime scene. The soft illumination over the project invites you in and light sources located on areas of elevation change provide safe movement throughout the project grounds.

project 194 front at night

This vintage Victorian home came to us as an LED conversion project. The large two story facade was lit but the lower right facade with the turret was not. The first story lights had been overgrown by the foundation shrubs and had no effect. We added a wash to the upper right facade and moved the light sources from the ground on the first story to the soffit to accentuate the columns as well as the windowed bay on the right.

dove lamps at dusk

Our custom lamps not only don't have the glare of commercial lamps, the light pattern is generally better since the light is reflected down to the base as well as outward.

dove lamp 3

This unique lamp, designed and fabricated by Softscapes, not only fits well into it's environment, it functions very well to illuminate the stairs leading into the pool area from the parking area.

dove lamp 2

The simplicity of this lamp's design is it's appeal. Aluminum construction with an automobile quality finish will make this lamp a long term feature. The reflecting plate is adjustable to alter the light pattern to illuminate the area you want to cover. Notice, there is no light source visible.

dove lamp

Custom luminaries are designed to fit into the environment where they enhance the daytime look as well as the nighttime ambiance. Although not true to the period, the ornate character of these lamps serve to provide an appropriate esthetic statement. 


Although the fountain looks a little bright because there is no water in the fountain, you can still see that the reflection in the pool is a nice statement. The retaining wall in the background provides dimensional effect.

Franklin view

The lighting in this setting becomes a part of the scene; it doesn't overpower the distant lights of the town. Our design gives the retaining wall some definition without making it a focal point and provides a soft wash over the pool deck to create a base and add perspective. The fountain in the middle then becomes a point of interest in the foreground but doesn't diminish the town lights.

Sometimes a subtle effect is preferred over one that makes more of a bold statement. This hedge row of Arborvitae is in an area where moonlighting is the predominant effect and to put too much light on the Arborvitae would make them look out of place and unnatural.