Project 136

Take a tour with Softscapes Lighting through the design and implementation of the lighting system for the 2006 Parade of Homes project named Villa Abbazza. Hover your mouse over the video frame to pause the slideshow.


The Lanai benefits from a mini moonlighting technique that comes from the soffit. The low illumination level creates the intimate ambience intended for this small area.


With this close up of the upper frieze, it's easy to see the detail brought out by the light at night. These reliefs were hand crafted and not cheap to install. Why let the darkness remove them from view during the evening.

parade lamp

The angle of this photograph captures a lot of the custom luminaries on the project. Notice how little light is visible when looking directly at the fixture. This effect is called indirect light and is achieved by placing the light source in the base of the luminaire, where it is hidden, and directing the light to the reflecting shield on top of the fixture. This approach controls stray light very efficiently while placing the light on the surfaces you wish to illuminate.

parade front

From the front notice there are 5 zones of lighting effects. The low retaining wall in the foreground is lit with 2 fixtures using the crosslighting effect. The driveway between the retaining wall and front steps is receiving path lighting from the custom luminaries. The next zone consists of the front steps, the terrace wall and the plants in front of the house facades. Notice by treating the terrace wall as a single target, there are no shadows on the main facades from the terrace railings. The fourth zone consists of washing the main facades with wide floods. Zone 5 is the upper frieze which would loose it's fine detail if it were not treated as a single target. This downlighting effect was achieved by placing step lights at even spacings along the soffit.

parade 2006

The view from the right side of the project features three offset facades with one of them being a porch with arches. The frieze component is present on these facades, just as on the main facades, so they are treated with the same accenting technique. The two middle facades receive a wash that provides a subtle background for the pencil tree in the foreground. This tree needs a narrow flood to push the illumination all the way to the top of the target. Notice the hand crafted lamps provide light to traffic areas but don't detract from the view even though the view angle is below them.


These custom luminaries sit unobtrusively on top of the columns during the day while providing a soft wide wash on the driveway during the evening. If you're interested in how they were constructed, watch the video "Constructing Villa Abbazza" to get the details.

carriage lamps

These custom crafted luminaries were used on the columns bordering the driveway to provide a nice, even wash without the glare of conventional sconces.