Your DIY Project

Fill out the DIY Inquiry Form

Provide some basic information and upload a few pictures of your project targets. We will design the project and send a digital version via email to show you where the equipment will be placed along with any notes to help you understand what skills will be required.

Approve your design

When you receive your design in your inbox, go over it and make sure everything is to your liking and ask any questions you may have about your project. When you are satisfied our design meets your goals, we will send the an estimate for the equipment package. When your payment is received for the equipment package, we will forward a schematic showing all the details of the installation and some videos that will show you how to implement every aspect of your project.

Receive your package

Your equipment will arrive by carrier. Check the parts you receive against the equipment list you received previously to make sure nothing was lost in shipment.

Go to work!

After watching all the videos, grab a shovel and get to it! If you run into problems, just send us an email or call the provided number and we'll walk you through any tough spots you may run into. Technical support is supplied with the purchase of your equipment.

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