When it comes to your outdoor project, are you frustrated by making phone calls to one contractor after another, setting appointments, taking off work to meet them, and then waiting until they show up...if they do? How much time are you wasting? And just how much is it really costing you to give your money to someone just to provide you with the outdoor services you want? 

Everyone wants to get the best product for the least amount of money. Can you really tell, when you get 3 bids, from 3 different contractors, with 3 different plans?

What about the time you thought you were getting a great deal from the irrigation contractor that was 40% lower than any other contractor, but when August came, you had little green circles in the middle of your parched, brownish looking lawn?

Maybe we can talk about the landscaper that promised The shrubs under the window were never going to grow over 3 feet tall. Two summers later, you're having to cut 2 feet off them to get them back below the window!

How about the brick mason that built your beautiful outdoor fireplace in June? It was perfect until you built the fire in it that fall and the brick cracked because he used the wrong kind of firebrick. When you called him to tell him to honor his warranty, he is no longer in business! 

Unfortunately, these are not pretend stories. Most homeowners are not experts in the construction trades and have to trust that the person who is calling himself a contractor is actually an expert in his field. This is especially true in the outdoor construction field. Most anyone that has a pickup truck and can buy some tools can call themselves a contractor.


Other contractors, who may be experienced in one field, may attend some seminars sponsored by their suppliers to show them how to "maximize their profit by offering additional services." These "seminars" are usually about 3-4 hours of general information and  do no prepare the contractor to properly design and install these new product lines.


The owner of Softscapes Services has spent 40 years developing expertise in the trades, including construction and remodeling, landscape design and construction (including water features), irrigation, and lighting. The years of experience offered by Softscapes Services in all facets of outdoor construction make us uniquely qualified  to assist you in getting the best project available for your budget.