What Makes Softscapes Lighting Different?

Not Softscapes


As stated before, good lighting design requires the proper lamp combined with the proper fixture, in the proper location. Lighting is an "art form" that combines the subtle with the bold to create an appealing canvas. The effective combination of shadow and light applied to the night time canvas of your home requires a professional approach to accentuate its three dimensional character. There's no substitute for experience when applying creative brush strokes of light to the architectural features of your home.  We have been lighting residential and commercial projects since 1983, and understand what it takes to present your home in its best light. In fact, we have developed several techniques that are so unique, other installers have sought to implement them in their projects. 

Sometimes it's difficult for a homeowner who's looking at two or more proposals to understand the differences in pricing as it relates to the finished project. Many novice lighting installers will quote systems according to the number of fixtures they are wanting to install. Since bullets range in retail pricing from around $50 to $450, you know that the installer uses the same techniques on all of his projects, and most likely, uses the least expensive products available.

The other information you can derive from the above approach is that all fixtures being installed are, most likely, mounted on the ground. The problem with ground mounting is that the lighting design doesn't address facades over porches, dormers, facades that have concrete at their foundation and ornamental features that make architectural statements that give your home it's distinctive character. (i.e. cuppolas, gable trim structures, weather vanes, etc.)

Softscapes Lighting designs it's systems to light your home in a way to take advantage of all the targets that make your project look it's best. Remember, you're buying a lighting system for it's effect, not for the hardware that is installed. If there is a wide variance in pricing between two quotes, it is usually because you have a quote from a novice installer and a professional installer.