SSPM's Business Process

Softscapes Services Project Management (SSPM) is a brand new type of service for exterior construction. Homeowners up to now have been left on their own to find quality contractors, set up appointments, get bids, and try to make sense of it all. The problems homeowners face is, first of all, getting a couple of contractors to actually return the call or keep the appointment, and after they get the bids, trying to understand why the bids differ. Should you go with the cheapest bid? Is there really a justification for the higher bid? These are questions you probably can't answer entirely.

After making your decision, the other problems may show up. Having to take time off from the office to catch the contractor while they are on the project, having one contractor tear up another's work which results in an expensive change order. Wouldn't it be great to clone yourself to keep up with this little exterior nightmare?

Your SSPM representative might not be your clone, but we will know what you want to see in your exterior project. You can leverage our years of experience in construction and the "green industry" to provide the knowledge you need to make the right decisions. Our goal is to provide the technical support you need at every step of your project and make sure it gets done in the way you want.

SSPM will evaluate the project scope and provide a cost comparison from multiple perspectives. At this point, you will need to establish a final budget which we will pass on the your selected providers to make all the pieces fit. Now, we're ready to begin construction. We will watch over every aspect of the implementation of your project and act as the technical and support contact for your chosen providers.

During every phase of your project, ranging from initial design to completion, SSPM will keep you informed. Your SSPM representative will contact you personally, when convenient for you, to let you know about the challenges that popped up and get your feedback and answer any questions you may have.