Softscapes' Services

In our 30+ years of working with lighting systems, we have found a variety of reasons why lighting systems stopped working properly. We expect the common things like lamp burn out and photocell/timers needing replacement. More interesting problems usually come from other trades damaging the system and trying to fix it themselves so they don't have to confess their mistake to the owner. Landscape crews running a shovel through multiple circuits try to fix it by twisting all the wires together thereby shorting out the transformer can make troubleshooting a chore. The most innteresting problems however are generally created by critters harvesting the wire for whatever purposes they deem necessary.

Equipment malfunctions can also create some unusual problems, causing some unexpected results. Having a good understanding of proper system operation is crucial to analyzing the more difficult malfunctions. We can honestly say we have see just about every problem out there for the existing technology, but new technology is constantly being released. All the more reason to trust a company who has kept up with changing technology for over 30 years.

Speaking of new technology, Softscapes can also upgrade your old system to the latest tech and most probably can improve the appeal of the lighting effect. LED Conversion should consist of more than just changing the lamp in a fixture to an LED lamp. Color temperature, output, and location should all be factors in upgrading old lighting systems to the latest and greatest technology.

Although Landscape Architects are proficient in the design of plant, soil and hardscape elements, most are not well versed in lighting system design. If you are building a new house or remodeling your existing home, Softscapes can work with your L.A. to make the landscape and lighting packages work together.