SoftScapes Lighting Systems FAQs

What makes SoftScapes Lighting different from the rest?

Good lighting design requires the proper lamp combined with the proper fixture, in the proper location. Lighting is an "art form" that combines the subtle with the bold to create an appealing canvas. The effective combination of shadow and light applied to the night time canvas of your home requires a professional to accentuate its three dimensional character. There's no substitute for experience when applying creative brush strokes of light to the architectural features of your home.  We have been lighting residential and commercial projects since 1983, and understand what it takes to present your home in its best light. In fact, we have developed several techniques that are so unique, other installers have sought to implement them in their projects. 

What's so hard about sticking a light next to the house?

Many factors go into how a light source is applied to a surface to get the desired result. The distance to the target, the angle of application, the light intensity or lumens, distance to obstructions, and the lighting technique being implemented. There usually are plantings growing against the foundations of the house, structural elements which keep the light from achieving its intended purpose. When is the best time to bring light down from the eaves versus applying the conventional approach of uplighting from the ground? All lighting projects cannot be properly illuminated from the ground only and pathlights combined with MR-16 bullets are not the only products an installer should use on a project.

What value does SoftScapes Lighting bring to the table?

Our goal is to provide the best product available to our customers. Although that sounds cliche, we endeavor to deliver a lighting system that meets your personal needs at the most economical price point we can deliver. We consider your long-term and short-term goals, your personal taste, your lifestyle, and the parameters of a project that comfortably fit your requirements.

The cost of a lighting system needs to be evaluated on two fronts. The initial installation cost is one factor, but the cost of operation can significantly exceed installation costs, and must figure into the total cost of the system. For instance, a conventional halogen system will cost about 18% less in an initial installation, but can cost upwards of 500% more over 20 years as compared to an LED system. Professional-grade equipment differs from big retail equipment in that it carries a replacement warranty, but different types of equipment carry different warranty periods and terms. We will help you choose the best options for your specific needs.

The expertise offered by SoftScapes Lighting Systems is your assurance that your new or existing home will have a unique design specifically designed and installed to place your home in its best light!