Project Planning

An exterior project with a good outcome is the result of a good starting plan. Exterior projects usually require the interaction of several contractors to reach a successful conclusion. Landscape contractors may need to get heavy equipment in before the walkways are poured and the brick mason may need to bring in the brick before the electrician buries his electrical conduit, and the landscape contractor doesn't want to dig up the electrician's conduit. It can all be an intricate dance, and what happens a lot of the time is that one contractor will cover up another, causing delays or change orders. A good plan will give you an opportunity to work out the logistics before any construction begins, and lets contractors better plan their schedules.

Whether you prefer a plan developed by the best Landscape Architect in the South, or you want to save some money and have Softscapes Services' staff horticulturalist design a plan for you, the main benefit you will receive is a standard approach that all contractors can work to. If you plan to receive bids, a plan will provide a means for you to receive apples-to-apples quotes from each bidder.