Project Fulfillment

So far we have standardized your project plan to facilitate getting comparable bids from your selected contractors and compared to bids to establish a realistic budget that accomplishes all your project objectives. We have made whatever adjustments required to each contractor's project scope and we're ready to begin.

This is the time you will really appreciate Softscapes Services project managements services. You can go to work and come home on your normal schedule and not worry about all the details of the construction. You can come home and see the day's progress, and just relax knowing we have everything under control. You can call your SSPM manager and get the updated information of the day, and express any concerns you may have with one short phone call with one person. All done till tomorrow!

We'll handle all the details, problems, scheduling,communication, and coordination. We'll make sure that each aspect of each phase is done in the proper time and that work isn't delayed or done before its proper time frame.  

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