Our Products

When we first started installing lighting systems, there was only one company that offered low voltage lighting products. Today there are many companies that manufacture exterior lighting products. Although most have their strong points, the defining factor is how do their products perform over time. In our over 30 years experience, we've evaluated many products and have come to trust a handful of companies whose product lines are reliable and excel in the quality of design and performance. 

Unfortunately, the lighting industry only designs equipment based on the their ideas about what installers need in the field. Most of the designers have never been installers themselves so many times there are no products available to properly light a target. This is the reason we have been designing and fabricating some fixtures that have not available on the open market. Softscapes' custom products follow the same approach of superior performance and quality but we are able to design fixtures that work specifically on your project. 

In the final analysis, you can be confident that Softscapes Lighting System's products will meet the criteria for your lighting project and that they will place your home in it's best light!