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Vista Professional Lighting is one of the two most popular landscape lighting manufacturers. They manufacture low voltage and line voltage equipment in both conventional and LED technology. Their strength is the multi-tap transformers, but their product line is extensive and high quality. Product lines include path lights, bullets, underwater, specialty, direct burial. Vista also offers a very strong commercial lineup.





Vista Pro Website

Kichler's landscape lighting division is a small part of their entire offering but that doesn't mean it lacks in any aspect of the industry. Kichler offers conventional and LED technology within it's extensive product lineup which includes bullets, floods, decorative specialty, underwater, and direct burial equipment. Kichler's product offerrings also include post and area lighting, outdoor ceiling fans and coordinated equipment packages that provide uniformity throughout the outdoor theme. Kichler has a very strong path light line that focuses on the aesthetical appeal, which carries through to many of it's products. 


Hadco Lighting offers a sturdy product line with a commercial "feel." Hadco offers the basic lines of bullets, path lights and flood lights with conventional and LED technology.





Hadco Website 

Sollos Landscape Lighting is a relatively new with their product line but that doesn't show in the products they offer. Their warranties are as good as any manufacturer around and their products are at the crest of the innovative wave.






Sollos Website