Maintenance and Repair

Repair of Existing Systems

Many times, owners of lighting systems have difficulty with their systems and find they have to call an electrician for power problems and a landscape/irrigation installer to try to repair their low voltage systems. Electricians don't generally work with low voltage systems, and are not aware of the importance of voltage drop in low voltage systems. Line voltage systems can accomodate 6-10 volts dropped due to long runs of wire, where low voltage systems can only tolerate 1 volt. Landscape and irrigation installers that install lighting don't usually want to work with line voltage since they are not trained in its application.

Softscapes Lighting Systems offers complete repair services for line voltage and low voltage lighting systems. We offer service for incandescent, halogen, HID, LED systems as well as control systems. Whether your system requires lamp replacement, rebuilding fixtures, or complete system rennovation and remodeling, SoftScapes has the ability to get your lighting system running properly. We can keep your system operating properly, your burnouts at a minimum, and your home generally looking its best.

Ongoing Maintenance

After your system has been repaired, SoftScapes offers maintenance plans to keep your system running at its optimal performance level. There are several options available to you as a SoftScapes customer. You can call us back when you need service again, as is standard procedure, or we can come by periodically to check on your system and repair and replace any problems we find and bill you for the materials and service call plus labor. An option that appeals to some customers allows you to go on a fixed cost plan that can be paid annually or semi-annually, or monthly if your project is a large one. Customers on our ongoing maintenance plans also enjoy a discount on new construction or LED conversion.

If you need service or repair of your lighting system we would be happy to serve you. 

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