Installation Techniques

Protection of Infrastructure

Softscapes protects your lighting system's wiring infrastructure by placing it in conduit. This technique minimizes damage to your system during subsequent landscaping operations, thereby saving you money by reducing repair bills. It further allows easy expansion of your system without extensive excavation. If your wiring should be damaged, the conduit will isolate heat build up and reduce or eliminate the hazard of fire in mulched areas.

Protection of Your Property

We also treat your lawn and landscape gently! Softscapes uses a slimtrench tool that creates a trench wide enough to accomodate the conduit with minimum damage to existing plants and turf. The slimtrench tool opens a cavity about 6-8" deep in the soil which perfectly accomodates the conduit containing the wire. This approach limits the area disturbed due to the trenching process and facilitates quick healing of the cultivated area. Additionally, closing the trench is as simple as pressing the edges together with foot pressure. When we are finished, you won't be able to tell we were even there!

Sound Construction Techniques

Unique lighting effects require unique installation techniques and therefore a variety of trade skills to implement them. When mounting fixtures on the structure of your home, an accurate knowledge of building techniques is required to prevent permanent damage to your home. A hole in the wrong place is a problem you have to live with, not the installer. Our 30 years of construction experience include proficiency in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, wallboard and painting as well as electrical. Craftsmanship is the SoftScapes Lighting standard.