Homeowner's Lighting Guide

As with any technical field, lighting has it's own terminology for referring to it's products and methods. Most homeowners have little experience in speaking "lighting language." On the other hand, homeowners are forced into this world when they seek to replace a burned out lamp or have to explain the problems they are experiencing with their home lighting. The Homeowner's Reference Guide is designed to help the average homeowner communicate in technical terms about lighting without making you go through pages of technical information that has no relevance to the day-to-day lighting problems you may be facing.

You have a bulb (lamp) that has burned out: How can you know, with certainty, what lamp you need to replace it with that is the same wattage and base? Your lights won't come on when you flip the switch: Learn how to do the basic troubleshooting for things you can fix yourself. If you do have to hire a lighting professional you can explain, in terms he'll understand, what you have done, which will help him understand more about the situation.

This simple guide is your lighting encyclopedia for those who don't speak lighting. Just find the subject you want and click away!