Hand Crafted Luminaires

Laurel Bollard Avondale Dove Acorn
Mountain Top Scroll St. Petersburg Roman

When you need to light an area larger than 8 feet in diameter, a luminaire is a good choice. If designed well, they provide interest during the day and functional beauty in the evening. The luminaries above have been custom crafted for specific customer needs and are presently on the project. As you see, each one is different and has been designed with a specific function in mind. Just click on the picture of a lamp to get more detailed information about that specific lamp.

All of Softscapes' custom luminaries are designed to utilize indirect lighting which have the advantage of hiding the light source within the structure of the lamp. This technique eliminates the glare associated with the exposed lamps of conventional sconces and post lights. Another advantage offered by the indirect method of lighting is to soften the light while more evenly distributing it over the illuminated pattern. 

Our custom luminaries also offer LED optics so you don't have to sacrifice the low cost of operation and extremely long life LEDs offer. Contact Softscapes Lighting to let us design and build a luminaire specifically to meet the needs of your project.


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