Halogen versus LED (Part 7: Conclusions)

LED technology offers several advantages over conventional halogen systems. This technology provides safer operation at significant savings of operational costs. Even if you maintain your own lighting system, and don't pay service calls from professional providers, the amount you will save in gas running to the store will justify installing LED technology. 

If you are thinking about installing a new lighting system, the initial installation cost is only about 15-18% higher than a halogen system. If you consider the operational costs as a part of the total cost of the system, the economics of installing LED is undeniable. Add the fact that you install it and forget it, and there is no other choice besides LED technology.

Warranties for commercial products are another "no-brainer." Most commercial products carry at least a 15 year warranty, with some products carrying a lifetime warranty. 

Even if you have an existing halogen lighting system and don't want to put the money into changing out the fixtures, you can replace the halogen lamps with LED lamps. The only trade-off is the loss of warranty benefits as the lamps are only warrantied for 5 years and fixtures for 3 years.

If you are environmentally-minded, LED technology reduces the amount of electricity you consume by a significant amount as is reflected by the cost of operation. Refer to the table below which details the power costs for the project we presented in the article.

If this article has created some interest in LED technology for a lighting system for your home, please contact us so we can give you specific details about how much you can save.