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Softscapes has distinguished itself in the market place over the last 30+ years by putting the concept of lighting design at the fore. Understanding the effect created by specific lamps at specific distances is critical to accent the strongest aspects of structural targets or landscape features.What separates the professional lighter from the landscape and irrigation contractors, that install lights as side line, is the placement of light sources. Placing light sources in the correct place to produce the optimum result sometimes dictates techniques that "outrun" the availability of lighting equipment on the market at the time of a project's installation. We combine our expertise in the construction trades with our extensive knowledge of lighting technology to get the right effect to place your home in it's best light!

Many of our competitors quote jobs based on the number of fixtures they propose for your project. Since professional grade fixtures range from $55 to $800, it tells you they are using the same fixture for all the different effects needed on your project. Additionally, other components such as transformers, differing lengths of wire and various mounting requirements all impact the pricing of a project. Basing the cost of a job on fixtures only means you're either being overcharged or there's a change order in your future. Perhaps it tells you that all their jobs look the same.

Other factors that affect our design work include the length of time you expect to be in your home, whether the project is a new or existing construction, budget requirements and client preference. This lighting system should be designed to fit your needs because you are the one paying for it and you are the one having to look at it each night. (It's not our home, it's your's!) That being said, if you're looking for the cheapest price, we're probably not the best company for you but if you want the most efficient, most appealing lighting system, we are the company for you.

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