Apple-to-Apple Bidding

I'm sure you're familiar with the old adage, "we all need to sing from the same sheet of music." The bidding cycle is the most complicated process on the path to getting a quality exterior project. Unless all competitors are bidding on the same project, you are getting multiple bids on multiple projects. In other words, there is no way to compare one bid with another.

This is especially true when one landscape contractor is bidding on a 2" caliper tree and another is submitting a bid on 1 1/2" caliper trees. There can be quite a difference in pricing and in size. 

Comparing like systems is essential with irrigation systems, as there can be a wide variation in the equipment packages offered by different competitors. Additionally, if the design is not adequate, the system will not apply water evenly and your lawn will develop brown swaths from lack of water. Most people will run their systems longer to try to keep these areas green but they end up paying very high water bills and fighting to keep these areas green.

Many factors figure into the bottom line pricing of any phase of an exterior project. The quality of products and product warranties, the time required to complete that particular phase, the experience level of the contractor, their reliability factor, and how they treat the job site (your home).

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