About SoftScapes Lighting

SoftScapes Services Lighting and Project Management is based in Murfreesboro Tennessee, and is owned and operated by Barry Hudgins. He trained as an electrician and communications/navigation technician on CH-46 helicopters in the Marine Corp during the late 60's and early 70's, and later, entered the construction trades. Barry spent the next 8 years gaining experience in construction, remodeling and restoration. He received a horticulture degree, working in the field of pomology (fruit production), and retail nursery management operations for several years and started his first landscaping business in 1983.  Utilizing the electrical training received in the service, Barry was one of the first contractors to incorporate lighting into his daily operations. 

Barry's business offered full featured landscape services including hardscaping, planting, irrigation and lighting. Normal operations included developing a full project plan that included structures such as gazebos, trellises, walkways, patios, theme gardens, water features and retaining walls. Irrigation and lighting, increasingly, became part of the overall project scope as time went on.

SoftScapes Lighting was created in the late 90's and focused exclusively on lighting. Reducing the size and scope of the business enabled Barry to focus solely on the quality of service. In the same strategy of keeping the business "close to the vest," SoftScapes Lighting's Project Management service has been created to leverage the years of experience and provide exceptional personalized service to customers who can benefit from Barry's background.